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Wissenschaft Zukunft Preis - WZP

The Wissenschaft Zukunft Preis (WZP) of the Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung Niederösterreich has been awarded on an annually changing topic since 2014.

In 2022, the Wissenschaft Zukunft Preis (WZP) will be realigned in terms of content. The WZP New has no thematic restriction, includes all scientific disciplines and exclusively awards academic theses with a content-related connection to Lower Austria that have been assessed as "Very Good".

The aim of the WZP is to award top scientific achievements of young academics who are at the beginning of their scientific career. Bachelor's and Master's graduates as well as graduates of doctoral studies are awarded prizes.

The prizes are awarded at the annual Lower Austrian Science Gala, which takes place in the fall.

Portrait Bettina Pilsel
Mag. Bettina Pilsel
Symposium Dürnstein, Awards

WZP 2022

The Wissenschaft Zukunft Preis (WZP) for academic theses is awarded in three categories and carries the following prize money:

  • Bachelor thesis € 500,-
  • Master/Diploma thesis € 1.000,-
  • Dissertation/PhD € 2.000,-


The submission deadlines is April 11 to May 31, 2022

Up to four final theses will be awarded

You can submit at Please note that this is only possible online and that we only accept complete, timely and formally correct submissions.

General Requirements:

  • The submitted final thesis must be related to Lower Austria in terms of content.
  • The final theses has been approved in 2019 at the earliest and has been assessed as "Very good".
  • The corresponding study program - a UAS degree program or regular university study program at an Austrian or European university - has been successfully completed.
  • Work with a blocking notice will not be accepted.
  • Submission is possible in German or English.

AGE of submitting person:

  • for bachelor theses from the year of birth 1995 (and younger)
  • for Master and Diploma theses: from the year of birth 1994 (and younger)
  • for dissertations and PhD: from the year of birth 1987 (and younger)

For further details on the eligibility requirements, the selection procedure and the review criteria, please refer to the funding guidelines.

Logo Wissenschaft Zukunft Preis 2022

Funding guidelines WZP 2022

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WZP 2021

Thematic focus of the Wissen schaf[f]t Zukunft Prize (WZP) 2021:

Climate Change & Climate Justice

The WZP was awarded to the following prize winners* in the three prize categories:

Academic Theses:

Markus Scharler
Claudia Gusenbauer
Patrick Zöchling

Who for: Master's/diploma thesis and dissertation/PhD graduates who have written an academic thesis on the topic of climate change & climate justice with reference to Lower Austria. Funding guidelines

Pre-scientific theses or diploma theses

Victoria Kastner, Hanna Leitner, Lena Oppitz
Linda Haselböck, Christina Wiesenhofer

Who for: High school graduates of the AHS upper level or BHS who go to or have gone to school in Lower Austria. Funding guidelines

Call for Concept: a competition for ideas

Birgit Teufer

Who for: Individuals or groups of individuals with an innovative and ready-to-implement project concept on the topic of climate change and climate justice that will be implemented in Lower Austria. Funding guidelines
Prize money:

Prize money per project:

Master and diploma theses: € 1.000,00
Dissertations and PhD: € 2.000,00
Up to three academic theses (master/diploma thesis and dissertation/PhD) will be awarded.

Pre-scientific theses or diploma theses of high school graduates: € 200,00 per author of an awarded thesis.
Up to two VWA or diploma theses will be awarded.

Call for Concept: up to € 3.000,00
One project idea will be awarded.

Portrait Bettina Pilsel
Mag. Bettina Pilsel
Symposium Dürnstein, Awards

Folder & Flyer

Thumbnail Postcard VWA/diploma thesis
Postcard pre-scientific thesis/diploma thesis

WZP 2020 Award Winners

The winners of the WZA 2020 were

Category pre-scientific thesis/diploma thesis:

Xaver Heigl, Helene Moser, Sebastian Siebenhandel and Victoria Teuschl
Jochen Danninger, Francesca Kastner and Lea Klatzl, Johanna Mikl-Leitner
Video: Wissen schaf[f]t Zukunft Award 2020 - VWA/Diplomarbeit: Effects of psychoactive substances on the organs of fish and Historische Aufarbeitung von Stalag XVII B.

Category Call for Concept:

Jochen Danninger, Christina Adorjan, Cornelia Rieder-Gradinger, Johanna...
Nicole Amberg, Angela Bitto-Nemling, Jochen Danninger, Lisa Cichocki, Melissa...
Video: Wissen schaf[f]t Zukunft Award 2020 - Call for Concept Awards: Wood be better! Material sciences to grab and go and STEM fatale - aiming at gender equality in leadership positions in STEM.

WZP 2019 Award Winners

The winners of the WZA 2019 were

Category pre-scientific work/diploma thesis:

Barbara Stöckl, Julia Siegel

Category Call for Concept:

Patrick Knogler, Michael Arndorfer, Anna-Maria Lienhart, Johanna Mikl-Leitner,...

Category academic theses / master theses:

Barbara Stöckl, Lena Campostrini
Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Victoria Sarne

Category academic theses/dissertations/PhD:

Thomas Glatzl

WZP 2021 Award Winner

WZP 2021 Award Winners are:

Birgit Teufer, Barbara Stöckl
Claudia Gusenbauer, Barbara Stöckl
Hanna Leitner, Lena Marie Oppitz,, Barbara Stöckl
Linda Haselböck und Christina Wiesenhofer
Markus Scharler, Barbara Stöckl, Landesrat Jochen Danninger
Patrick Zöchling, Barbara Stöckl
Wissenschaftsgala 2021 Preisträger*innen WZP 2021

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Video: Vorstellung der Projekte der WZP 2021 Preisträger*innen

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