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*** Submissions for the Wissenschaft schaf[f]t Zukunft Preis 2021 in the category Pre-scientific theses or diploma theses are still possible until June 21st ***
Group photo with three excellence scholarship holders, Vice-President Gaia...

Latest news: Excellence scholarships for study abroad awarded to outstanding students

On 31 August, Stephan Pernkopf, Deputy Governor of Lower Austria, awarded five outstanding students with excellence scholarships for a first degree at a top university (Stanford, Oxford, ETH Zurich, ...). The maximum amount of funding per scholarship is 20,000 euros per year. The criteria for awarding this scholarship are outstanding personal...
Johann Danzl smiling in the ISTA Lab with his arms crossed

Latest news: LIONESS enables "live" view into the complexity of the brain

LIONESS puts a laser focus on tissue imaging. The new imaging and virtual reconstruction technology is aptly named LIONESS - Live Information Optimized Nanoscopy Enabling Saturated Segmentation and enables dense 4D reconstruction of living brain tissue at a nanoscale. A large-scale collaboration at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria...
Georg Pejrimovsky smiling at the camera

Latest news: Welcome Georg Pejrimovsky - Thank you Barbara Schwarz!

At the end of June, Barbara Schwarz will go into well-deserved retirement and Georg Pejrimovsky will take over the management of the Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung Niederösterreich (GFF) on an interim basis from 1 July 2023. He will be supported by Mario Enzenberger as proxy. As Mag. Georg Pejrimosky was already working for...
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