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Legal notice


Media owner and publisher

Disclosure pursuant to § 25 Media Act and duty to inform pursuant to § 5 (1) E-Commerce Act

Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung Niederösterreich m.b.H.

Company register number: FN 363476 z

Regional Court St. Pölten

Hypogasse 1, 1st floor
A-3100 St. Pölten

Editorial office:
Sigrid Rulitz

Contact details:
Phone: +43 2742 275 70-0
Fax: +43 2742 275 70-90

Chairman of the Supervisory Board:
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Markus Hengstschläger


The texts as well as the design of the pages on this website (graphics, images, logos, etc.) are protected by copyright. All rights, in particular the right of reproduction and distribution as well as translation are reserved. Any further use, in particular the reproduction, storage, processing or processing in particular using electronic systems requires the written consent of the website operators. In view of the technical characteristics of the Internet, any liability for the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or authenticity of the information provided is excluded. No guarantee is assumed for the availability or operation of the website and its contents. This also applies to the contents of linked websites. The providers of linked pages are solely liable for incorrect and incomplete content.

The content available on the pages of Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung NÖ in social media is for information purposes only. The pages may contain information on product-specific topics, which is non-binding, serves as initial information and is neither explicitly nor implicitly guaranteed.

The content and views published on the social media pages of Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung NÖ are the thoughts of internet communities and not necessarily of Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung NÖ or its management or employees. For this reason, we cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of information published on our pages by third parties (e.g. postings, comments on social media platforms).

Any liability of Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung NÖ for consequences arising in connection with the use of these pages and information or other content of these pages is excluded, unless these were caused by Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung Niederösterreich m.b.H. intentionally or through gross negligence.

Design, programming and conception

Martin Thaller IT Dienstleistungen
Hernalser Hauptstraße 211
1170 Vienna
Tel.: +43 699 100 459 34

Dominici Werbeagentur GmbH
Hauptstraße 21
2333 Leopoldsdorf
Tel.: +43 2235 44445-0


All contents of this website, in particular texts, photographs, videos and graphics, are protected by copyright. The copyright is held by the Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung NÖ, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Please contact us at: or 027242/27570 if you wish to use any of the contents of this website.

Whoever violates the copyright (e.g. includes the contents in his own internet offer without permission) is liable according to §§ 106 ff. Copyright Act (Germany) or §§ 91 ff. Copyright Act (Austria). In addition, he or she will be warned with costs and must pay damages. Copies of content can be prosecuted on the internet without much effort.

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