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Excellence scholarships for study abroad awarded to outstanding students

(from left to right): Elsa Schönwiese from Eichgraben goes to UK Kings College, Nikolaus Dräger from Schweiggers goes to Stanford University, ISTA Vice-President Gaia Novarino, Konrad Klier from Klosterneuburg goes to ETH Zurich and Stephan Pernkopf, Deputy Governor of Lower Austria.

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On 31 August, Stephan Pernkopf, Deputy Governor of Lower Austria, awarded five outstanding students with excellence scholarships for a first degree at a top university (Stanford, Oxford, ETH Zurich, ...).

The maximum amount of funding per scholarship is 20,000 euros per year. The criteria for awarding this scholarship are outstanding personal suitability through proof of excellent school or study success, references from expert professors and other special achievements. The excellence of the university is assessed on the basis of international university rankings. So far, 27 of these scholarships have been awarded. The award ceremony for this year's scholarship holders took place on 31 August in the new Moonstone Building of ISTA in Klosterneuburg. The Deputy Governor justified the location of the award ceremony as follows: "We decided to hold this event today here at ISTA in Klosterneuburg for a good reason. Because something has been achieved here for which the whole world looks to Lower Austria: Within a very short time, a top research institute has been established here. A research institute that has become a centre of attraction and a magnet for scientists from all over the world."

Some of the students who will receive the scholarship this year reported on the importance of the scholarship for them during the event. For example, Nikolaus Dräger will be studying for a Master's degree in Computational & Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University: "Imaging techniques are indispensable in various fields such as medicine, biology and the geosciences and expand our understanding of complex systems. Thanks to the Excellence Scholarship of the Province of Lower Austria, I have the unique opportunity to study in the Master of Science programme of the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering in the track 'Imaging Science' at Stanford University. The funding allows me to fully focus on my studies, research and academic development in this research field."

Konrad Klier will study Cyber Security at ETH Zurich: "I already developed a strong interest in cryptology during my Bachelor's degree at TU Wien. I am really looking forward to being able to pursue this promising field of research even more intensively during my Master's degree in 'Cyber Security' at ETH Zurich. I consider it a great honour to be supported by the Excellence Scholarship from the State of Lower Austria. Even though my research interest in cryptology is primarily theoretical, I am convinced that this will enable me to make a thoroughly practical contribution to cyber security in the future."

Further scholarship recipients are going to study at the UK Kings College, the University of Oxford and the ETH Zurich.

The Excellence Scholarship Study is part of the comprehensive scholarship programme of the province of Lower Austria, which supports study and research stays abroad in a variety of ways.

More about the Lower Austrian state scholarships:



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